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Stonethorpe’s Tree Care division provides a number of dedicated and highly specialised tree maintenance services.

Our client base for the division is as varied as our services, ranging from private
residential home owners, local authorities, educational establishments, through to large scale private gardens.
  Our Tree Care specialists have extensive knowledge within the field, enabling us to cater for any tree care requirements that are required.

Additionally we constantly undergo the latest training to make sure that Stonethorpe Tree Care is fully conversant with all of the latest techiques and requirements of modern tree care.
  Please see below for a detailed listing of our services which use the latest techiques, regulations and equipment required for modern day tree care.
equine services
Formative Pruning*
Minor pruning usually used in a trees’ juvenile stage as remedial work to change form, defects, and weaknesses that may affect structure in the future.

Crown Lifting*
Removal of lower branches to increase clearance beneath the canopy.

A process of removing internal territory branches but still retaining the overall size and shape of the crown. Usually used to increase light penetration, reduce sail effect and reducing weight to balance the tree structure.
  Crown Cleaning*
The removal of all defects i.e. dead wood, diseased, crossing, rubbing branches, etc. These can be at risk of falling and therefore would carry safety risks. This operation can incorporate a crown inspection if required to highlight any structural complications with the tree.

Crown Reduction & Reshaping*
Cutting of external branches back to suitable growth points to reduce the crown’s overall size. Or specific misshapen, overgrown divisions of the crown that need pruning in order to rebalance weight and achieve symmetry.
  Tree Removal / Felling*
When every conservation avenue has been considered to no avail, the final operation is to remove the tree altogether. This might be for a variety of reasons which include rotting, bacterial or fungal infection, insect and pest damage and structural failure. (full stop added) Unbalanced trees might simply be in the proximity to houses, public areas, cables or other objects and the only action is felling. In these circumstances safety is paramount and so a risk assessment will always be completed and the felling operation carried out by qualified professionals using the correct equipment.
equine services
Tree Planting
Planting new single specimens or larger schemes of creating new woodland. We have a long established relationship with the nurseries and tree stockists we use and trust.

Tree Stump Grinding
Once trees have been felled, the client may wish to remove the remaining tree stump to halt further growth or leave a flushed stump above ground. This operation is completed by trained operators with the correct necessary machinery.
  Consultancy including Tree Preservation Order (T.P.O.‘s) and Conversation Area applications
Giving expert advice on trees, subsequent operations etc. in a variety of situations. In certain situations, properties come under the Conservation Area and/or have TPO’s on specific trees. If work is required, the application process can be handled by us working as your agent.

Woodland management and planning
Human intervention with differing forms of tree operations in order to preserve and maintain effective and diverse woodland. Planning is also an essential requirement of new woodland including replanting to ensure the area is efficient with minimal impact to cost in the future.
  Hedge planting and maintenance
From planting new hedgerows or seasonal maintenance of existing hedges.

Logs and wood chips
Hardwood and softwood seasoned logs in varying load sizes to suit client’s open or closed fires. Woodchip in a variety of forms and load sizes, pending requirements.

* All pruning and felling operations are carried  out in accordance with BS3998