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With Stonethorpe’s Equine Construction division we are capable of producing all of your physical infrasture requirements on your land, from exercise grounds, fencing, arena decking, roadway infrasture, hedging and so forth.   Our expansive experience in this area has seen us work in collaberation with our clients, creating and building some memorable facilities. However our services remain 100% scalable, catering for basic fencing projects, through to the design and delivery of full scale equine environments – we work with you, to your budgets, delivering to your needs.   projects, through to the design and delivery of full scale equine environments – we work with you, to your budgets, delivering to your needs.

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Equine Services
equine services
Fencing – The history of fencing dates back to when hedges were laid to create a strong living barrier to either keep in or keep out livestock pending on the land owner’s requirement. It was a very effective concept. However with the introduction of wire fencing this started the demise of the beautiful English countryside vision of hedge laying. Now it is obviously a whole different industry but the use of wood still is in keeping with the natural fences of the past. Stonethorpe believes the key to fencing is to provide a well treated product to extend the life of the fence whether in metal or wood. The different styles of fencing are as follows:

Post and Rail – Stonethorpe likes to give a range of the size of posts and rails to allow options on budgets. It is possible to auger and concrete perimeter posts to give maximum security to you and your horses. However some post drivers are able to successfully put extra long posts into the ground without the need for concrete. Paddock divisions would be driven posts unless ground conditions are so unstable that concreted posts would be required, but this is uncommon. In addition, we also provide an extensive array of electrical fencing solutions.

X- fencing – This fencing is a relatively new concept to replace stock fencing but due to its high tensile wiring and patented X-shaped knot configuration its rigidity and durability simple out lasts stock fencing. X-FENCE is manufactured using soft tensile wire in both the line wire and stay wire, to reduce contact injuries. The post distance is the same as conversional stock and barbed fencing and is simply finished with a top rail. An electric fence line above this top rail can also be applied. It comes in a range of heights from 900mm – 1550mm in size and thickness. For more details visit or ask us for more details.

Stock Fencing – This method can be used with horses but can also be used as a simple fence for barrier control. Once again a top rail is needed to finish the fenceline and an electric fence line above this top rail can also be applied. With regard to livestock the top rail would be replaced with two lines of barded wire.

Barbed Wire – We would obviously not endorse using barbed wire fencing for horses however we do offer barbed fencing for other livestock and therefore offer it as service. Due to our Landscape company dealing with domestic fencing if you have any other fencing requirements then please don’t hesitate to enquire.
  Gates, Styles & Jumps – Stonethorpe offers a range of gates and sizes to meet the client’s requirements. Wooden gates to galvanised metals, bridle and kissing gates and horse jumps. Supplied and installed.

Is The Wood Treated – Wood used in fencing has always been treated to withstand the weathering demand put upon it. Originally the treatment had arsenic in it which gave it the lasting quality. Mass produced softwood posts could be used and they were also cheap e.g. pine could be effectively treated and it could last for 20 years before replacing. However arsenic in timber treatment has been now been banned and the treatment is not as effective as it use to be. Due to this Stonethorpe recommends a Class 4 treated Redwood timber post to extend the life of the product. This has a 15 year guarantee. We also use pressure treated creosote timber which extends the life for a further ten years.

Hedge & Tree Care – These operations are covered by Stonethorpe TreeCare. This company is owned and run by one of the founding members of Stonethorpe Equine. Stonethorpe TreeCare was established in 2003 and is currently expanding. Their service offers everything required for hedge and tree care maintenance and is undertaken by fully qualified insured Arborists.

Hedge Cutting – Hedges serve many purposes from acting as wind break to forming natural barriers to livestock and a good feed source for birds. Field hedges are usually cut by tractor hedge cutting flail or cutter bar. Smaller operations may require hand hedge pruning with motorised secateurs. The optimum time for hedges to be cut is October to November when the sap has returned to the roots and the hedge can heal over the winter. However hedges can be cut up until the beginning of March;

Removal of hedges including root removal.
Felling of trees.
Crown lifting, thinning, reducing and if  required pollarding.
Consulting – from advice for existing trees  and management to possible planting. schemes and new or existing hedge rows.
Planting hedges rows and trees.
Stump grinding and in some situations  root removal.

Groundworks – The experience and knowledge in this section is vital and due to Stonethorpe Equine’s members’ previous and current experience working with Stonethorpe Landscape’s wide ranging projects since 1996 and with the rebuilding of the family farm yard to a new location in 1995 means that micro and macro projects can be undertaken by Stonethorpe Equine.
  Concreting – This may be anything from new stable blocks and footings to a horse walker pad. We have found that horse walker companies don’t always want to offer a full installation service. Stonethorpe Equine will work with the requirements specified for the walker and with the company to get the finish you need.

Roadway construction – Small pathways to lorry bearing roadways and parking areas. Different finishes are available and we would recommend various finishes for certain requirements as every aggregate will have pro’s and con’s. As a standard requirement from Stonethorpe Equine we over specify the base work needed for road and pathways to make sure they will stand the test of time and simple yearly maintenance will only be required.

Waterpipe and cable installation – With the ever increasing price of utilities water leaks and breakages from frost damage from the cold winters can be costly so getting your water system to work in an easy to run effective way can save you money and give you peace of mind. Ducting for pipe work might be required for water, electricity cable and even security/camera cabling or where possible the simply method for laying cabling in the groundperhaps with a surrounding layer of sand or rounded pea shingle for protection.

Drainage – Including French drains With or without perforated plastic pipe, soak-a-ways, ditch cleaning and cutting.

Spray & Fertiliser Application – Herbicide application currently available from knapsack to 18 metre L.G.P (low ground pressure) with small paddock application at 6 metre on grass tyres. Fertilising by spinner or drop spreader with a range of different machinery to drive the fertiliser applicators.

Muck Heap Removal – Complete removal of both straw and wood shaving material.
equine services